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When a loved one approaches the end of life, Chicago hospice care can help make the transition as comfortable as possible. Shiloh Hospice is committed to exceeding your expectations. We know how difficult this time is for your family, and we want to be there for you from start to finish. Our team is comprised of healthcare professionals who combine firsthand knowledge with endless compassion to achieve a higher level of care. Knowing that your loved one will be supported throughout the end-of-life journey gives you invaluable peace of mind. Our integrated team will support you and your family in any way we can. 

What Is Hospice?

Hospice is care provided to a person who is approaching the end of life due to a terminal illness. A doctor must determine that if the disease progresses normally, the patient has six months or less to live. Hospice is designed to maximize the patient’s quality of life during this time and ensure they are comfortable as they experience a life-limiting disease.  

Unlike palliative care, hospice is provided only to comfort the patient and manage their symptoms, so it is not provided alongside treatments intended to cure their illness. The goal is to make sure the patient and their family are fully supported during this end-of-life transition. Shiloh Hospice understands the process is never easy, so we aim to do everything we can to promote peace and meaningful moments with your loved one. We’re your greatest advocates in ensuring your loved one receives the care they need to feel calm and comfortable. 

What to Expect

Starting hospice can be challenging for many reasons. It’s a major life transition, and you may worry about your loved one receiving the care they need. Your family may be battling grief, sorrow and other complex emotions on top of tending to your loved one’s physical needs. That’s where our compassionate team steps in. Shiloh Hospice wants nothing more than for you and your loved one to feel at ease. You’re in good hands when you choose our team, since we have over ten years of healthcare experience and are committed to upholding your highest expectations. We are an interdisciplinary team consisting of physicians, social workers, registered nurses, chaplains and other individuals who support your loved one’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs throughout the journey. 

Many terminal illnesses involve physical discomfort, emotional challenges and big questions about life and death. We work hard to help manage your loved one’s symptoms to increase their quality of life as they receive hospice. What’s more, we support their emotional needs and listen carefully to their concerns. Caring for your precious loved one is an honor we don’t take lightly.

Call Us to Learn More About Chicago Hospice Care

If it’s time for your loved one to receive hospice care, call Shiloh Hospice to learn more about our services. Knowing what to expect can ease the transition, and you can meet our team and discover how we can serve you. Call now to discuss Chicago hospice care with our compassionate team members. 

We Aim For Excellence In All That We Do.

Hospice is committed to providing compassionate support for individuals facing terminal illnesses, caring for their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as they navigate the end of life. Similarly, palliative care shares the same philosophy of comprehensive patient care, extending its services to non-terminal patients, offering them the opportunity to lead longer, happier lives.

  • By law, all healthcare professionals must respect your choice.
  • You don’t need to use the hospice connected to your hospital.

Our dedicated team of professionals aims to ensure that every aspect of your care is tailored to your unique situation and wishes.

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