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At Shiloh Hospice, our mission is to significantly enhance the quality of life for both patients and their families by providing compassionate and attentive care tailored to the unique needs encountered at the end of life. We are dedicated to delivering Hazel Crest hospice care that respects the dignity and choice of each individual, integrating principles of dignity and compassion into every aspect of our service.

Understanding Hospice Care

Hospice care is a specialized form of support designed to provide peace to individuals facing the final stages of life due to a life-limiting or terminal illness. This care approach focuses on alleviating symptoms and ensuring the highest quality of life possible rather than pursuing curative treatments. Shiloh Hospice embodies this philosophy by offering comprehensive care that addresses the varying needs of patients and their families during this sensitive time.

We Provide Attentive and Compassionate Support

What sets Shiloh Hospice apart is our unwavering commitment to compassionate care. Our team, consisting of highly skilled professionals, including physicians, nurses, medical social workers, hospice aides, grief and bereavement counselors, volunteers and chaplains, is trained to provide individualized care with empathy. We understand that the end-of-life journey is not only a physical process but also an emotional and spiritual one. Therefore, our care extends beyond medical symptom management to include emotional support and spiritual care, ensuring that patients and their families feel understood, respected and valued throughout their experience with us.

Making the Decision for Hazel Crest Hospice Care

Choosing hospice care is an important decision that should be approached with careful consideration and early discussion. Shiloh Hospice prioritizes open and honest communication, assisting patients and their families through the decision-making process with unwavering support. We believe that informed choices empower individuals and families, allowing them to align care with their values and needs during this critical time.

The Benefits of Choosing Shiloh Hospice

Opting for Shiloh Hospice care comes with numerous benefits tailored to improve the end-of-life experience:

  • Symptom Management: Our expert team ensures effective management of pain and other symptoms, providing comfort and improving the quality of life for our patients.
  • 24/7 Caregiver Support: Our dedicated staff is available around the clock, ensuring that our patients and their families have access to professional support whenever it’s needed.
  • Family Counseling: Recognizing the emotional toll of end-of-life care, we offer grief and bereavement counseling to help families navigate through their feelings and find peace.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Support: Through our volunteers and chaplains, we provide emotional companionship and spiritual care, tailoring our support to meet the individual needs and beliefs of each patient.

Reach Out to Us for Support

At Shiloh Hospice, we stand ready to provide the compassionate and attentive care that you and your loved ones deserve at life’s end. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our dedication to compassionate care, makes us a trusted partner in Hazel Crest hospice care services. If you or a loved one is navigating the challenges of a terminal illness, we encourage you to reach out to us. Together, we can ensure that the end-of-life journey is as comfortable as possible.

We Aim For Excellence In All That We Do.

Hospice is committed to providing compassionate support for individuals facing terminal illnesses, caring for their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as they navigate the end of life. Similarly, palliative care shares the same philosophy of comprehensive patient care, extending its services to non-terminal patients, offering them the opportunity to lead longer, happier lives.

  • By law, all healthcare professionals must respect your choice.
  • You don’t need to use the hospice connected to your hospital.

Our dedicated team of professionals aims to ensure that every aspect of your care is tailored to your unique situation and wishes.

We offer compassionate
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