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In the final stages of a life-limiting illness, patients and their families face many challenges, both emotionally and physically. It is a time when compassionate care becomes a necessity. Shiloh Hospice stands out as a fountain of comfort and support, offering comprehensive Lynwood hospice care that prioritizes the dignity and well-being of each individual. Our dedicated team, wide range of services and personalized approach set us apart, ensuring that the end-of-life journey is as peaceful as possible. We’re here to provide you with the information you and your loved ones need to make dignified choices at the end of life. 

An Overview of Inpatient Hospice Care

Inpatient hospice care represents an essential component of our services, designed for individuals whose conditions require intensive, round-the-clock support. This level of care is provided in specially equipped facilities that offer a peaceful, homelike atmosphere for patients and their families. At Shiloh Hospice, we emphasize creating a serene environment where our staff can dedicate time and attention to each patient, tailoring care to their specific needs.

Pillars of Compassionate Care

Enhancing Quality of Life

At the heart of our mission is enhancing our patients’ quality of life. Through effective pain management and symptom relief, we strive to ensure comfort for every individual in our care. Our multidisciplinary team, including physicians, nurses and hospice aides, collaborates closely to provide comprehensive care that addresses physical discomfort, allowing patients and families to focus on precious moments together.

Emotional and Spiritual Support

Recognizing that the end-of-life journey touches not only the body but also the heart and spirit, Shiloh Hospice offers extensive emotional and spiritual support. Our medical social workers, chaplains and trained volunteers are dedicated to providing compassionate guidance, counseling, and companionship, helping patients and their families navigate the complex emotions and decisions that arise during this time.

Practical Assistance and Planning

Shiloh Hospice extends its support beyond medical care, offering practical assistance with end-of-life planning. From palliative care focusing on improving life quality to grief counseling supporting those coping with loss, our services are designed to provide comprehensive support. We also offer respite care, giving family caregivers much-needed breaks, ensuring that their well-being is also looked after.

Personalized and Respectful Services

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s end-of-life experience, we are committed to delivering personalized services. Our team takes the time to understand each patient’s and their family’s needs and preferences, ensuring that care plans are tailored accordingly. We honor the values and wishes of our patients, treating them with the highest level of respect.

Our Commitment to Compassionate and Dignified Care

Shiloh Hospice is devoted to providing dignified and compassionate end-of-life care that supports not only the patient but also their loved ones. Our comprehensive approach to care ensures that every aspect of the patient’s needs is addressed, making the end-of-life journey as comfortable and meaningful as possible. Trust in our Lynwood hospice care team to be by your side with unwavering support and care when it matters most. Call today to learn more.

We Aim For Excellence In All That We Do.

Hospice is committed to providing compassionate support for individuals facing terminal illnesses, caring for their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as they navigate the end of life. Similarly, palliative care shares the same philosophy of comprehensive patient care, extending its services to non-terminal patients, offering them the opportunity to lead longer, happier lives.

  • By law, all healthcare professionals must respect your choice.
  • You don’t need to use the hospice connected to your hospital.

Our dedicated team of professionals aims to ensure that every aspect of your care is tailored to your unique situation and wishes.

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