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Dementia/ Alzheimer’s

Shiloh Hospice Care for Patients with Memory Problems

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are life changing. Unfortunately, curative therapy does not exist. Thus, Shiloh hospice provides a premier quality of expert holistic and life-affirming care. We encourage comfort and enhance patients’ quality of life facing life-limiting illnesses. Patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s are entitled to hospice care when they display all of the following physiognomies:


  • Unable to walk/move around without help
  • Problems dressing without help
  • Unable to clean correctly
  • Incontinent of bowel and bladder
  • Unable to talk or communicate eloquently
  • Aptitude to speak is restricted to roughly a half dozen or less comprehensible and dissimilar words

Dementia is a debilitating illness from which patients will weaken over the years. Thus, this knowledge permits healthcare professionals to develop an individualized hospice care plan to help patients and their loved ones.

Dementia symptom management

  • Shiloh hospice generates a unique interdisciplinary blueprint of care to meet the distinctive requirements of each patient. For example, our team delivers medical care to lessen symptoms for patients with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia related symptoms. So, this includes pain management, behavioral changes, and personal care. And to help caregivers uphold the patient’s self-respect during illness.
  • Medication delivery at your home through our hospice pharmacy, medical equipment / supplies will be provided. In addition, incontinence products, hospital beds, and wheelchairs are provided to the patient or family. Hence, these items will be transported as desired to the patient. Thus, eradicating the need to travel to the drugstore or explore medical supply suppliers.
  • Furthermore, our team of sensitive and spiritual support experts provides learning and support to caregivers. So, our staff can likewise help families with end-of-life preparation, taking funeral measures, and grief support.


Some patients are previously getting care in a memory care unit or an additional, long-standing care facility. Thus, Shiloh hospice is open to collaborating with the facility to deliver an additional level of individual care and compassion. Thus, this includes delivering complementary therapies to increase the patient’s clinical and individual care.

Our objective is to deliver a high quality of life for patients with end-stage Alzheimer’s disease / dementia. And these must meet the hospice standards. Making the maximum of eloquent moments and guaranteeing the patient is relaxed, and pain-free even when they are incapable of conversing their needs.

Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

Shiloh care offers 24/7 delivery of equipment and materials to upkeep the patient’s Alzheimer’s/dementia care idea in their favored surrounding. Thus, the subsequent supplies and gear can be transported to your loved one at home:

  • Hospital bed and specified mattresses
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assist machines, for example, walkers, bedside toiletries, over-bed counters, and patient care lifts.
  • Incontinence provisions
  • Wound care provisions
  • Oxygen cylinders etc.

If you are considering comfort care, Shiloh hospice is prepared to help. So, refer to Shiloh hospice now. And you’ll hear from a specialist soon. We’re always accessible!

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