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Short Term In-Patient and Respite Care

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We understand the importance of providing support not only to patients but also to their caregivers and family members. We offer short-term inpatient care and respite care options to ensure that caregivers have the opportunity to rest, recharge, and attend to their own well-being. Learn more about our short-term inpatient and respite care services below.

Short-Term Inpatient Care

There are instances when the needs of a hospice patient require a higher level of care that cannot be provided at home. In such cases, our dedicated short-term inpatient care services are available. Our inpatient facility is staffed with a compassionate and experienced team of healthcare professionals who specialize in hospice and palliative care. The comfortable and supportive environment ensures that patients receive the necessary care and attention in a home-like setting. Whether it is for symptom management, pain control, or specialized care, our skilled team is equipped to address the unique needs of each patient during their short-term inpatient stay.

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one who is in need of hospice care can be emotionally and physically demanding. We understand the importance of providing caregivers with an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. Our respite care services are designed to offer temporary relief to caregivers, allowing them to take a break and attend to their own needs. Respite care can be arranged for a single day or for several days to weeks, depending on the caregiver’s requirements and the availability of space in our facility. During this time, our experienced team of healthcare professionals will provide personalized care to the patient, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Caregiver Support and Education

In addition to providing short-term inpatient and respite care, we also offer comprehensive caregiver support and education. Our team is dedicated to empowering caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best care possible for their loved ones. We provide educational resources, support groups, and counseling services to help caregivers navigate the challenges and emotions that may arise during the caregiving journey. Our goal is to ensure that caregivers feel supported, informed, and equipped to provide the highest quality of care.

Seamless Transition

At Shiloh Hospice & Palliative Care, we understand that transitions can be challenging for both patients and their families. Our team works closely with patients and their caregivers to ensure a seamless transition between home-based care and short-term inpatient care or respite care. We communicate openly and transparently, providing guidance and support throughout the process. Our aim is to ensure that both patients and caregivers feel comfortable and supported during the transition, knowing that their needs and preferences are being respected and addressed.

Holistic Approach

In all our care services, we embrace a holistic approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients and their caregivers. Our compassionate team takes into consideration the unique circumstances and preferences of each individual, creating a care plan that promotes comfort, dignity, and overall well-being. We strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters healing and quality of life for everyone involved.

Help and Support When You Need it Most

At Shiloh Hospice & Palliative Care, we recognize the importance of short-term inpatient and respite care in supporting both patients and caregivers. Our dedicated team is committed to providing compassionate and specialized care during a patient’s short-term inpatient stay or respite care period. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support you and your loved ones during this challenging time.

We Aim For Excellence In All That We Do.

Hospice is committed to providing compassionate support for individuals facing terminal illnesses, caring for their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as they navigate the end of life. Similarly, palliative care shares the same philosophy of comprehensive patient care, extending its services to non-terminal patients, offering them the opportunity to lead longer, happier lives.

  • By law, all healthcare professionals must respect your choice.
  • You don’t need to use the hospice connected to your hospital.

Our dedicated team of professionals aims to ensure that every aspect of your care is tailored to your unique situation and wishes.

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