Lisa M


Babatunde and the amazing caring team at Shiloh took care of my dad at facility in Chicago. Exceptional service and loving care they even came to see my dad at all hours of the night.  I live in California and had to make a fast decision on who to hire to care for my dad. The facility my dad was at recommended a different hospice but when the lady from the recommended hospice called she didn’t introduce herself. She  was rude and didn’t explain how anything works with hospice…I had a bad feeling so I checked the online reviews and found Shiloh. I went back to the facility social worker and informed her I was choosing Shiloh instead. The facility didn’t know of this company but I am glad they do now because they are amazing and should be recommending them to all of their hospice family members and patients!

I found Shiloh based on their reviews and I am so glad I did -amazing people who go above and beyond working tirelessly to care for your loved one. They called me immediately introduced themselves, explained the process of hospice, and I immediately had a good feeling that Shiloh was the right choice.

Once I got to Chicago they met with me and helped me through the process -explaining what to expect… and even seemed to predict when my dad may pass. This was helpful as I wanted to stay by my dads side 24/7 as I knew the time was near. They made certain he was comfortable and they comforted me during this very difficult time! Absolutely terrific people and I am so thankful for their loving care!

Lori V


My sister was in need of a hospice provider immediately to be able to bring her home. We selected Shiloh based on their reviews. From the moment we selected them to my sisters passing they were right by our side. Never did we have to worry about beds, hospital supplies, medicine or assistance. They are compassionate and always available. Truly angels that both manage and worked with us every step of the way. If you are unfortunate enough to be needing hospice care, look no further than them.  They are definitely the people that you want to take care of your loved ones

Denise J


They have the caring staff and I’ve truly appreciate the extra care they took

Didi A


It is a great pleasure to work with people that truly care for people wholeheartedly. They care for both patient and family members.

Curt L


Outstanding hospice company. Nurses, aids, and all staff go above and beyond to care for people.

Krystal B


Shiloh Hospice where do I start? When my mom came home from work I knew that I would need help. I chose Shiloh didn’t know what if I would like them because I took care of my mom but I am here to tell you they came right in and I was relieved they made me feel so good. They are a wonderful and nurturing team. I didn’t have to worry anymore. So if you are looking for a hospice for your loved ones please choose Shiloh. They ? you like you are their family. My mom is gone now, but Shiloh is my family now you will not regret your decision if you choose them.

Ethan T


Shiloh helped our family through a very difficult time. Nurse Tobi is the standout here. She has a real passion for helping people.

Taylor W


This hospice facility is beyond outstanding. One call away the help is always here and does a phenomenal job in making sure every need is met. The staff are very friendly, outgoing, and so supportive. In rough times I can definitely count on them to put a little joy to a dim light. I would highly recommend this as my number one.

Anita S


The service is outstanding. The nurse who comes to visit my mom is very compassionate, thorough, and resourceful. All of my mom’s needs are well met. Everyone of the staff has been wonderful and like family. Thank you and God bless you all.

Tyrone H


Shiloh , very professional company .
They took excellent care of my uncle who had memory loss . The nurse staff were there to assist and visit him weekly.
If you are looking for a professional company, I would highly recommend
Shiloh Hospice and Pallative care to take care of your family member.

Diane M


Am Endlessly Thankful for Shilo hospice CARE! ??THIS company is really Heaven made!!!?? The entire stuff of registered nurses and doctors are Beyond Doing Out Of This World care for those who are on they Last Path! Those who are in extreme need of comfort and painless existence till the end!
They took care of my husband so Well! He was months on the bed! He was comforted and pain free ! By special medications and regular medical assessments! They gave me medical equipment and supplies to care for him Free of charge!!!! Amazing!!! All is covered by social security of the patient!that is such Fear Free-and stress free Service I could not imaging it exist! But it Does! Its Shilo!!! I had been trained to be a nurse to my beloved and I learned quickly to care for him on the bed between the nurses visits! Thank you Shilo! You became my family I always wanted to have- really Loving, caring, knowledgeable, selfless, helping Angels!!! You make the world a better place!! You give peace and hope on those scary dark hopeless times we get to embark on in our lives trying to help our older sicker loved ones! PLEASE Continue to GIVE ! and you shall receive 10 times Fold what you give out! Be BLESSED! I LOVE ALL OF YOU! I want to be a part of what you do!!! I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU SHILO! I want to help you Spread your Goodness and HIGH quality of Amazing Love and service to those who need it most- the elderly- the lonely – THE SICK AND DYING!
Thank you FOREVER! Unforgettable experience!
Thank you!!!???????
Be Blessed and Keep On Giving!???????????

Tamesha M


My mother in law is currently on hospice with this company. They have meet all her needs. They go above and beyond for their and patients and the family. They treat you like you are family. The whole Shiloh Hospice team is AWESOME!!!!!! Her nurse Ce-Ce and Tobi they are heaven sent angels. The administer Babatunde he also communicates with you and makes sure everything is perfect. Her CNA Domonique is good with her as well. Keep providing good customer service to your patients. I am 100% satisfied and so is she. She loves each and everyone of them. Oh and they also sent out a Nail Tech to come and do her nails she was so happy with that. She also has a volunteer person that comes sit with her once a week for a hour a Chaplain that comes once a month. If you are looking for a good Hospice company for your love one you don’t have to look no further your love one will be in GOOD HANDS WITH SHILOH HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE CARE.

Pamela Z


The care that Tobi and Dominque demonstrated to our mother was outstanding. Their compassion and expertise were invaluable as they guided us through her journey of transition. Thank you to everyone at Shiloh Hospice and Palliative Care for helping us during this difficult time. Eternally grateful.

Anna M


Truly appreciate the support and presence of the staff at Shiloh during my fathers last few weeks. This has been the most difficult time of my life as my father rapidly declined after his cancer diagnosis. I thank God I was able to find Shiloh when I did to help manage my fathers pain which was not being well managed through home from the hospital he was discharged from. Tobi, Ceci, and Chaplin Pam have been truly amazing. My dad was thankful to have met them and be care for by them as are we. Each member is professional, kind, listens, and makes sure we have everything we need. They are available anytime and show they are devoted to their patients and family. All healthcare personnel should be like the staff at Shiloh Hospice. Thank you all again. God bless you always.

Smith O


Indeed I can attest to the fact that Shiloh Hospice provides complete support and great care. My friend got referred to them after exploring several options for hospice care, and the quality of service provided for his dying wife was beyond imagination. Watching a loved one dying is really unpleasant, but Shiloh made it less sorrowful each time my friend and I visited the place. Shiloh hospice is highly recommended…thanks to Tobi and the team.

Karen L


Tobi, Ce-Ce (sorry if spelled wrong) and Dominique have all been wonderful. Most of my encounters were with Tobi and she is so caring and intuitive and compassionate. Ce-Ce is compassionate, kind and at the same time professional. They were all always on top of things…took care of business right away and always followed through. They most definitely made a difficult time for me and my family and easy as it could be and I will always be grateful to them.

Olukay K


My father was discharged home to Hospice in November. The referring hospital recommend Hospice care at Shiloh and five others for our family. After careful consideration, we settled for Shiloh. My father remained with Shiloh for 3 weeks until he passed away. The nurses, aide and Chaplin were extremely professional, helpful and competent. When my father died, they knew what to do even in the middle of the night. They were extremely fast when we needed help. They care managers were all extremely polite, friendly and accessible. You must all be proud of the compassion you showed me and my late father. For the most part, my impression of hospice at Shiloh was very nice. This place has my top recommendation for anyone looking for a nice, lovely and reliable hospice.

Zakiyyah J


A phenomenal hospice that goes over and beyond to make sure your loved ones are well taken care of in the time of need and decline of life. The nurses have compassion and love. Ms. Tobi well advised me of medical step to make sure that I am well advised. Ms. Tobi is an angel sent from above that goes beyond her call of duty. The entire staff is extremely helpful. I am so blessed to have been referred to this hospice. If I ever have to go through this process again I will definitely use Shiloh! Thank you tremendously!

Sean G


I recently lost my father to stage 4 cancer. Trying to guide my heart and emotions thru the loss of the most influential figure in my life was heartbreaking. Tobi & the staff were so kind and patient. The amount of love they carry in their hearts makes you remember good people still exist in this world. I consider them family & will forever remember the love and compassion they gave my family; during the hardest time of our lives. Peace & Blessings…

Mary I


Shiloh Hospice is amazing! They handled my grandmother with care from the beginning to the very end! Her nurses Tobi and Ci-Ci went above and beyond with not only ensuring my grandma was comfortable and taken care of but also me and my mom! Her CNA Dominique was phenomenal and made sure that after my grandmother transitioned she came over and made sure that nobody saw her until she was presentable and as beautiful as we all were used to her being! These ladies genuinely care and this is not just a job for them. They have become our family! I would highly recommend them!

Tammy W


Shiloh Hospice & Palliative Care is remarkable. Our family was emergently in need of hospice care. We moved our loved one from another state to Illinois without advance planning and needed to obtain hospice care. The very same day we obtained insurance approval Shiloh Hospice visited with us for the assessment. Nurse Tobi was assigned to care for my brother. Tobi is very knowledgeable, compassionate and attentive in her patient care. This same level of care is extended to the family. She took time to speak to each and every one of us and answer our questions. When she says you can call her anytime – she means it. The service provided helped us to give our family member the needed attention and love he deserved.

Charles B


My father was in hospice for a little under a year and Tobi and her team were nothing short of amazing. The special measures taken to assist my father. The extra late night phone calls when he was confused! The care was great the communication was consistent and the fact that love was visible from his nurse is the best feeling! Thank you so much special thanks to Tobi. My father was blessed to have you while he was here and I thank you for everything!

B Mac


They’re absolutely the best! Provided great hospice services for my Uncle and I during his period of transitioning…They were effortlessly kind, professional and was very attentive to all his needs and my concerns.. Thx u so much, Tobi, Lashon, Anita, Addy and the rest off the Shiloh staff for everything!

Jillian S


Well where do I start, I know that my dad was in hospice for a little bit over a month and I tell you without Tobi and her team I don’t think I would have been able to do it alone, the service was amazing Tobi took the time to explain everything to me and exactly what to expect with her knowledge. She was definitely truly amazing at the end of everything I felt like she was family and the best of all so did my dad ? I thanked her so many times and cried and she helped me though it all, her services as a nurse is beyond thank you for all that you do ❤️?

Karen Y


Our family chose Shiloh to provide hospice care for our mother. It was a very good choice. They managed her care, kept her out of the hospital and addressed each of her multiple health issues quickly and with such kindness and compassion. They helped make her final journey easier. We could not have asked for better care. We highly recommend Shiloh.

Peggy C


From the start of service to our friend’s peaceful passing, the nurse, social worker, chaplain, and CNA were a great comfort to our friend, Dorothy. The Director was clear in his explanations; the regular calls with observations and updates were a comfort to us. I highly recommend Shiloh Hospice & Palliative Care. I did not know that this program (through Medicare) existed. The Shiloh group handles everything (medicine, equipment if needed, regular visits).

Nadiyah M


Tobi and Addy took excellent care of my mom and our family. They were both so compassionate and attentive to our mother and provided the best guidance- more than we ever expected. My mother loved Tobi and Addy and my family loves and appreciates the entire Shiloh team! Thank you all for helping us and for making my mom’s last days comfortable.

Tom H


We went through Shiloh Hospice for my Grandma’s last days. Tobi from Shiloh was incredible. Honestly, she was an Angel sent to us. My family and I were very protective over my Grandma’s care and bringing someone in for her last days was a bit worrisome on how it would all unfold. Tobi was thorough, attentive, tender, truthful, caring and just wonderful! Thank you Shiloh for having such a wonderful person on your team and Tobi for her great work!

Syed Q


It was a very tough decision for my family to sign my grandma into hospice. We were relieved when we found Shiloh. Their team educated us and made the process easy for us at a time when we were dealing with a lot. They ensured our needs were met, and that we felt their complete support. They guided is to focus on the quality of life and not the quantity. We were fortunate enough to throw one last birthday for her before she passed comfortably in the home. This experience changed my approach to hospice care, and I’m extremely grateful for team Shiloh.

Joella P


Tobi was our guiding angel she was only a call away. Domonic had the patience of a saint & the kindest heart so gentle with the patient we will always be thankful for these two strong women and all that they do

Angel H


The absolute greatest care provided by nurse Tobi and staffs. Soo caring, loving and attentive to my sister and family needs. Even after my sister’s passing, she still checked on us. Totally recommend their services.

Pamela J


My brother recently lost his battle with lung cancer. Tobi and the entire Shiloh team were there every step of the way. They were very informative, compassionate, and available during a time when we all needed it most. From late night calls to taking pictures and playing my brother’s favorite music. Outstanding work Shiloh! Thank you!

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