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Similarities between Hospice and Palliative care.

  • Hospice and palliative care have a lot in common.
  • Both cares are for people with serious illness/ or at end stage disease.
  • The treatment goal for both is aimed at pain, symptom relief and over all improved quality of life.
  • Both forms of care are patient sensitive, focusing on what matters to you most including your personal preference, value, believe, spiritual, and cultural goals.
  • Both forms of cares are delivered by team of professionals that work side by side with your personal doctor to provide additional layer of expertise, support and comfort for your loved ones.

Differences between hospice and Palliative Care.

The difference between hospice and palliative care is that patients on hospice care have a limited life expectancy with emphasizes on comfort but no curative treatment. Palliative care can often accompany curative treatments, if the patient is not on hospice care. In short, all hospice care is palliative care, but not all palliative care is hospice.

  • Hospice care can take place anywhere (home, family member’s home, vacation home, or nursing facility).
  • Hospice does not mean there is no more hope but rather, living the rest of the days comfortably with family and loved ones.
  • Hospice is covered by most insurances including Medicare, private insurance, private pay or from donation.
  • Hospice is comprised of different levels of care including high level of care for very sick patients.
  • Hospice is for available patients of all age groups. Shiloh Hospice only serve patients who are 18 years and older.
  • Hospice is not only for cancer patients. Patients with end-stage chronic disease COPD, HIV, Alzheimer, CHF, ALS and more can all benefit from hospice care.
  • Patients can receive hospice care with or without family members present. Hospice social worker can coordinate home care resources.
  • Hospice does not hasten or postpone death, but it provides spiritual and emotional support during the transition. In fact, some patients were discharge from hospice care because they felt better.

Benefits of early enrollment

  • Early pain and symptoms management control measures, can reduce unnecessary pain and suffering, thereby improving quality of life.
  • Reduction in ambulance ride to Emergency room / Intensive Care Unit, and frequent doctor’s office visit. It helps keep your loved ones at the comfort of their home.
  • More time saying goodbye, and attaining final wishes.
  • Access to hospice care team 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays.
  • Caregiver and family support through education, respite care and bereavement support.

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